This committee comprises the following people; 

Kevin Eales (Chair), Wendy Grierson, Paul Evemy (WRA & CROWD)

The page on their work is here





The ARA Committee comprises Ann Down, Dave Collins, Kevin Farrelly (Chair), Paul Marino.

The main function of the Committee is to preserve and maintain recreational facilities for the Parish including the playpark, the Multi Usage Sports Area (MUGA), skatepark and football field.


..... more to follow




The Communications Advisory Committee is responsible for ensuring that relevant Parish Council business activities are readily and easily available to the public and that we comply with the Transparency Code that is relevant to the Parish Council.

  • Please download a copy of the Terms of Reference for this Committee here
  • Please download a copy of the Facebook Policy here 
  • Please download a copy of the 2017 review of our compliance with the Transparency Code here
  • You can see a copy of the 2017 Communications Committee report in the 2016/17 annual report

Current members of the Committee are:

Cllr Liz Clowes - Chairman

Cllr Kevin Eales

Cllr Ann Allen

Kathy O'Neil

You can see their contact details on this link; Councillors



You can have a look at Adjacent Government news via this link. Updates include;

  • About a new green transport fund of £20.6m
  • Funding boost for schools to help pupils develop character
  • COP21 and the Paris Agreement 
  • About the EU referendum, immigration, security and beer mats
  • What construction leaders think about Brexit


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