We hope many of you have seen the "20 is plenty" stickers dotted on bins along the village roads.  Initially they were sent to everyone on the main roads in the village.  

20 is plenty 700 

 We now do have spare stickers, which can be found in the cafe.  Please click read more to see the letter sent to residents as the stickers do have to follow certain guidelines. 

"Dear Residents

Here is your “20 is Plenty” wheelie bin sticker. You have hopefully seen the article in April’s Abbtalk this month on page 28 which explains why your Parish Council has decided to provide these stickers for households on the main routes through the village.

Devon Highways are not making any changes to speed limits at present so your Parish Council decided to try and raise drivers’ speed awareness with these stickers.

Please assist our campaign by placing the sticker on your wheelie bin. The stickers must not be placed on a wall or fence or any other fixed structure as this would contravene highway signage laws.

We hope that this small step will have the desired effect and help make the village a safer place for all."


If you would like one please visit the cafe and pick one up. Any questions do get in touch. 

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