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The Parish activated the Self Help Emergency Plan this morning for the second time ever.  

Volunteers called on neighbours and vulnerable parishioners, checking on the state of their health and welfare. Others were out clearing snow and gritting access routes for foot and wheel. 

A big thank you to all who got stuck in and to the EP team who work throughout the year to ensure that we have the tools, stores and equipment to deal with this type of thing. These are the folks that dedicated several hours and layers of skin today;

  • Rob Scott
  • Ben Scott
  • Dave Hedge
  • Alan Hedge
  • Andrea Hedge
  • Phil Grierson
  • Andy someone who lives at Sunnyside
  • Carl Bloxidge
  • Trevor Howard & Barry Hedger as Gritters extraordinaire
  • Dave Wilds
  • Nick from Stoneyhill

Our thoughts were with Kevin Farrelly, the Chairman of the EP team who was stuck in Ireland, somewhere north of Dublin, who could only communicate if walking waist deep for a mile in the snow there. And we thought we had it bad!! But the team kicked into action despite his absence due to great planning.

The Communications Team sat tight in their lovely warm homes to keep folks updated on Facebook and to take photos out of the window!

You can access the Emergency Plan and the leaflet giving contact details here



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