Almost!! Examiner's Report is in

We have now received the Abbotskerswell Neighbourhood Development Plan Examiner's Report dated 13th June 2017.

The Abbotskerswell Neighbourhood Plan Examination has been completed by the appointed examiner, John Slater.


Further information can be obtained from the TDC website on this link.

The Examiner recommended that with a number of modifications the Abbotskerswell Neighbourhood plan should proceed to Referendum. Please see the separate article about the Referendum which takes place on the 28th September 2017.

The Parish Council on 30th January agreed to approve the Parish’s Neighbourhood Plan (AbbPlan) for submission to TDC.  This represented the culmination of the process so far as the Steering Group is concerned who prepared the Plan on behalf of the Parish Council.

Are we there yet

AbbPlan, which can be viewed together with all the supporting documents in the Neighbourhood Planning section of this website, has now been amended taking into consideration all the responses which arose during the 6 week consultation period.  This phase took place during the autumn of last year.  

The most significant alterations to the Plan were as a result of some of the landowners in the Parish objecting to proposals relating to new footpaths, and a new cycleway.  Otherwise the Plan received overall support from all quarters and, therefore, the main principles of the Plan remain:-

  • To safeguard the natural and built environment of the Parish
  • To protect identified local green spaces, Devon banks and hedgerows
  • To promote measures to reduce flooding
  • To direct and shape the design and character of small scale developments, particularly for affordable homes and self build opportunities
  • To understand and minimise the impacts of the proposed development at Wolborough
  • To encourage off road parking provision and seek measures to improve traffic management in the Parish
  • To pursue improvements to public footpaths and investigate possible cycle routes
  • To promote and support local employment opportunities
  • To safeguard community facilities and seek their enhancement

The Plan was submitted to Teignbridge District Council (TDC) as the Planning Authority responsible for ensuring that it meets all the requirements of the legislation before coming into force.  The remaining stages, which TDC will now undertake, once we submit the Plan as amended with the Examiner's recommendations, are:-

  • Formal acceptance by TDC
  • A referendum for all eligible electors in the Parish 

So, all being well, AbbPlan could be in place by late summer 2017.

            David Munden

                        Chairman, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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