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***    Community Consultation Workshop 12 & 13 February 2016 - Parish Rooms Abbotskerswell   ***

Our aims

  • Protect, maintain and, where feasible, enhance our unique natural environment and its biodiversity in order to sustain the rural environment which makes our Parish a special place to live (NP Survey Spring 2015)
  • Protect, maintain and (where feasible) enhance the current level of public access to the countryside in our Parish.
  • Ease the level of surface flooding in the Parish, especially in Slade Lane, Barnfield Terrace, Ladywell and downstream water run-offs into Aller Brook and River Teign 


  • Only support proposals that do not impact the tranquillity of Abbotskerswell Parish.
  • Only support development that has no negative impact on our landscape and environmental assets and, in particular, safeguarding our unique biodiversity, especially in regard to protected species.
  • Only support development where it does not exacerbate existing surface water flooding.
  • Encourage additional planting which can have a positive impact on run-off from agricultural and open land.
  • Ensure development adheres to requirements for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).
  • Future building and land use must incorporate flood prevention proposals, particularly for known flood risk areas in the Parish.

Evidence Base

   - Habitat Regulations Assessment 2013 [5Mb]
 - Habitat Regulations Screening Matrix 2013 [754kb]
 - Teignbridge Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 (2011) [8Mb]
 - Cirl Bunting Enhancement Zones 2006 [1Mb]
 - NE South Hams SAC PLANNING GUIDANCE Nov 2011 [1Mb]
 - NE South Hams SAC GUIDANCE MAP Apr 10 [3Mb]
 - Supplementary Report on Greater Horseshoe Bats and the South Hams SAC - Part 1 [1Mb]
 - Supplementary Report on Greater Horseshoe Bats and the South Hams SAC - Part 2 References [1Mb]
 - Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction Study (2010) [6Mb]
 - Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction Study - Executive Summary (2010) [919kb]
 - The Development of a method to support Policies S7 & EN3.Draft [1Mb]
 - Agricultural Land Classification 2013 [2Mb]

Further documents:

  1. A 2007 report on the biodiversity of our parish - here
  2. The appendices to the 2007 biodiversity report - species map Appendix 1, sites map Appendix 2, additional information Appendix 3
  3. A Nov 2015 report following a review of the biodiversity report - here
  4. A *** new *** 2016 report on the biodiversity of our parish - here - this supecedes the 2007 report, but is considered draft until formally adopted

Consultation; Biodiversity


Consultation; Flooding


Consultation will also be taken on the issues of flooding and surface water run off:


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