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***    Community Consultation Workshop 12 & 13 February 2016 - Parish Rooms Abbotskerswell   ***


Protect the special character of the buildings and settlement areas in Abbotskerswell (with particular reference to the village’s Conservation Area) and establish standards to help ensure high quality design.


  • Review the existing development envelope and conservation area.
  • New or rebuild dwellings, extensions or other building works should blend in with neighbouring and nearby dwellings.
  • Promote the use of nearby existing mineral resources.
  • Introduce a Parish design statement, covering:
    • Quality Landscape and Amenity
    • Architectural
    • Geographical and topological constraints (2/3 storey properties)
    • Quality Distinct Identity
    • Pedestrian and Cycle Friendly
    • Energy and Water Efficiency
    • Managed and Maintained Public Realm
    • Inclusive Places
    • Safe Places
    • Green Infrastructure
    • Integrated Wildlife Habitats
    • Parking

Certain permitted development rights will be constrained or withdrawn in cases where development proposals are not meeting neighbourhood plan standards of design.

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