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This page is the first in three sets of information behind the development of the Abbotskerswell Neighbourhood Plan and is about the background to the Plan. The further pages to see are;


Parishes are now writing their local plans in order to present what they mean to be 'sustainable', and those parishes, towns and local areas without such plans will have very little power over developments in and around their areas.

After the local consultation in 2016, the writing of our neighbourhood plan following your input took place. It was then submitted for approval. TDC had already approved our application to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. There is a list of documents and meeting minutes below.


We consulted with the Parish on the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan which builds on the consultation exercise in 2015 and the community plan completed in 2007.

The subsections below set out the consultation materials for the coming workshops where sought local input into the local plan. We stressed that the law is now that the developers can build where ever they wish UNLESS the local people can show that such development is unsustainable.

Vision Statement

Over 80% of the people responding to the NP Questionnaire (NP Survey Spring 2015) thought that the Parish of Abbotskerswell had a strong sense of community and an excellent environment.

Your Neighbourhood Plan is designed to keep the Parish’s strong sense of wellbeing and, in particular, to ensure that the Parish (in the long term):-

  • Safeguards the natural environment and the rurality of the Parish
  • Retains the distinction between it and the adjacent urban areas
  • Encourages and promotes a flourishing local economy
  • Supports measured, realistic, timely and sustainable development to meet identified community needs
  • Pursues policies and introduces affordable measures which have a positive effect on the environment

The questionnaire for the Feb 2016 consultation has been distributed to all households with AbbTalk. Completed questionnaires can be returned to the workshop or beforehand to Abbotsford (the house at the junction of Slade Lane and Ford Road)

The Final Analysis and Conclusions of Feb 2016 Consultation.

The returned questionnaires from the February 2016 Consulation have been analysed, reviewed and documented in ABBPlan_2016_Workshop_Analysis.pdf.

Minutes of meetings

The following are the minutes of Neighbourhood Plan meetings; AbbPlan meetings

Documents and links

These documents and links are for general reference. More specific links are in each of the seven sections relating to areas of focus for the Neighbourhood Plan.

  1. Our neighbourhood area on Teignbridge's website - here
  2. Teignbridge's local plan - here
  3. For the map of the proposals for new housing and other development - here (this is a big document and takes some time to load)
  4. The key to reading the map - here
  5. The final report on the housing needs survey published Oct 14 - here
  6. Abbotskerswell Community Plan 2007 - here
  7. A Nov 2015 report following a review of the 2007 Community Plan - here
  8. Report on a survey of some of the pupils from the Primary school in preparation for the neighbourhood plan - here
  9. The output report for the neighbourhood plan following the consultation exercise in 2015 - here
  10. Comments made in the two workshops held during 2015 regarding the plan - here
  11. The Appraisal Report from a review of the Abbotskerswell Conservation Area - here
  12. A 2007 report on the biodiversity of our parish - here
  13. The appendices to the 2007 biodiversity report - species map Appendix 1, sites map Appendix 2, additional information Appendix 3
  14. A Nov 2015 report following a review of the biodiversity report - here
  15. Data and Statistics extracted from the Office of National Statistics for our Neighbourhood Plan - here
  16. Evidence statement regarding the health services available around the parish - here


Natural Environment

Evidence Base
   - Habitat Regulations Assessment 2013 [5Mb]
 - Habitat Regulations Screening Matrix 2013 [754kb]
 - Teignbridge Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 (2011) [8Mb]
 - Cirl Bunting Enhancement Zones 2006 [1Mb]
 - NE South Hams SAC PLANNING GUIDANCE Nov 2011 [1Mb]
 - NE South Hams SAC GUIDANCE MAP Apr 10 [3Mb]
 - Supplementary Report on Greater Horseshoe Bats and the South Hams SAC - Part 1 [1Mb]
 - Supplementary Report on Greater Horseshoe Bats and the South Hams SAC - Part 2 References [1Mb]
 - Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction Study (2010) [6Mb]
 - Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction Study - Executive Summary (2010) [919kb]
 - The Development of a method to support Policies S7 & EN3.Draft [1Mb]
 - Agricultural Land Classification 2013 [2Mb]
Further documents:
  1. A 2007 report on the biodiversity of our parish - here
  2. The appendices to the 2007 biodiversity report - species map Appendix 1, sites map Appendix 2, additional information Appendix 3
  3. A Nov 2015 report following a review of the biodiversity report - here

Built Environment

Evidence Base

Please also see our pages on the History of the Parish and the work of AbbPast


Evidence base



Evidence base



Evidence Base


Land Use (Community Facilities)

Evidence base


Local Authorities

Neighbouring Parishes Local Authorities
Ipplepen Parish Council Devon County Council
Kingskerswell Parish Council Teignbridge District Council
Newton Abbot Town Council Torbay Council
Ogwell Parish Council South Hams District Council
Dartmoor National Park


Teignbridge District Council


Devon County Council

Devon County Council are entering (Nov 2015) the final consultation period of the Devon Minerals Plan (DMP) before submission to the Secretary of State.

Pre-submission Consultation (ends 16th November 2015)

DCC is preparing the new Devon Minerals Plan which covers the period to 2033. This document contains Devon County Council’s vision and objectives for minerals planning and provides the policy framework and site proposals to maintain the supply of minerals across the County. The safeguarding of minerals resources is also addressed.

  • Devon Minerals Plan Pre-Submission Draft (including Statement of Representations Procedure) {138 pages .pdf} - here
  • Draft Policies Map (Devon) - here
  • Draft Policies Map (Abbotskerswell Parish) {8 pages .pdf} - here
  • Mineral Safeguarding Areas (Interactive Map) Updated to show full extent of Mineral Consultation areas - here
  • Further information on the DMP: here
  • Pre-submission Consultation – APC response ………. To follow

Torbay Council

Community Partnerships and Torbay Council have agreed that three Neighbourhood Plans will be prepared for Torbay, one each for Torquay, Paignton and Brixham.

Torbay Council was successful in a bid (2011) to take part in the Neighbourhood Planning Front Runners Scheme, to secure £20,000 in funding from central government to help create a Neighbourhood Plan for Brixham.  Subsequent bids for the Torquay and Paignton Neighbourhood Forums have been successful with the fifth wave of frontrunners announced in March 2012.

Individual applications have been received by Torquay, Paignton and Brixham Peninsula Forums for designation as Forums and Areas. A copy of the applications are available on the Neighbourhood Planning Forum & Area Applications webpage.

At the Council meeting of 6 December 2012, the applications for Neighbourhood Areas and Forums were approved. More information can be obtained from;  http://www.torbay.gov.uk/neighbourhoodplanning

Neighbouring Parishes

These are links to the areas or websites of the neighbouring parishes and what they are doing regarding neighbourhood planning or previous community plans;



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