The reports for the finances and related governance aspects, including Insurance, for Abbotskerswell Parish Council are set out below. Each of the minutes of the meetings of the Parish Council also sets out expenditure and income for the month in question as well as a statement of the current finances.

Formal reports and docments are set out below;


Year            Description  Link 
2016/17 Supporting Statement to Accounts here
2016/17 Summary of Accounts here
2016/17 Parish Council Receipts and Payments here
2016/17 ARA Receipts and Payments here
2016/17 The precept income and expenditure figures here
2015/16 The Asset Register for the Parish here
2014/15 The audited accounts for the Parish Council here
2014/15 The audited accounts for the Abbotskerswell Recreation Association (ARA)    here
2014/15 Section 1 - Finance Audit here
2014/15 Section 2 - Annual governance statement here
2014/15 Section 4 - Annual Internal Audit Report here


 Our insurance details are as follows for the period 1st June 2016 to 31st May 2017


 Period   Description   
 1.6.16 to 31.5.17  Employer's Liability Certificate Link
 1.6.16 to 31.5.17  Policy Schedule Link
 1.6.16 to 31.5.17  Policy Wording  Link
 1.6.16 to 31.5.17  Receipted Invoice Link
 1.6.16 to 31.5.17  Letter 'to Whom it May Concern' regarding the insurance cover Link




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