2017 Meetings

Planning Committee, when there are items outside the regular PC meetings to discuss, meets on Wednesdays at 7:00pm in the Parish Rooms. If there are no items below, please access the PC Minutes for the period in question.

Date Agenda        Minutes     Other items    
11 January      
15 February      
15 March      
12 April      
17 May      
14 June      
12 July      
16 August      
13 September                Agenda  Minutes  
18 October      
15 November  Agenda  Minutes  



2016 Meetings

Date      Agenda      Minutes      Other items      
13 January Jan Adg JAN MINS
10 February Feb Adg FEB MINS
16 March Mar Adg  MAR MINS
13 April Apr Adg APR MINS
11 May May Adg MAY MINS
15 June See PC meeting See PC Meeting
13 July Jul ADG JUL MINS
14 September Sep Agenda SEP MINS
12 October Oct Agenda OCT MINS

16 November

Nov Agenda

For specific information, TDC's website is very useful as are the minutes of AKPC meetings. Also see our page on planning for links to specific cases.



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