EmergencyThe purpose of the Emergency Planning Team and their planning is to provide a self-help response, particularly shelter, during any emergency affecting the community, when the normal emergency response provided by the Emergency Services and the Local Authorities is delayed due to the scope and nature of the emergency.

An emergency is defined as one which causes or has the potential to cause harm to people, whether residents or not, and where the community may be isolated from help from the emergency services for longer than 24 hours due to the widespread nature of the event.

The Emergency Planning Group 2019 is as follows;

  • Chairman; Cllr C Ward
  • Vice-Chairman; Mr K Farrelly
  • Members; Gillie Byrom, Sue Collingsworth, Simon Crawshaw, Julie Kniveton, Dave McNee, David Munden.

You can click here for the overall plan which provides information about arrangements and contact details in the event that we have to enact the self-help response.

You can also download a .pdf copy of the leaflet that the Emergency Planning Team have produced to inform and guide householders in preparing for and responding to an emergency in our parish.



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